Resolutions… or maybe not?

Every year I make up an increasingly shorter (obeying my “keep it realistic” internal voice) list of new year resolutions, in a so-far futile attempt to get my life on track. For the first week, I’m perky and full of energy and happy that I’m keeping my resolutions more or less. I cut myself some slack to the point of indulgence, but that still doesn’t prevent the tragedy that I call: week 2. Week 2, is, as the name suggests, the second week after I made the resolutions. It involves rampant and blatant violation of the golden rule of new year’s resolutions (that is, “keep them”).

I have used every form of encouragement I ever thought possible. Tried to keep myself motivated. Created detailed and then flexible time schedules. Started projects then left them floundering.

This brings me to 2010… should I trick my resolution resistant self by using reverse psychology? Should I NOT make any new year resolutions, and would that make a difference?

[enter resolution resistant self, snickering]

I heard you, self!!

Ambitious self will not allow resistant self to have the last laugh.

Hence, for 2010, my resolutions will not only be made, but they will be made PUBLIC (take that, resistant self).

[resolution resistant self stops in mid-snicker]

2010 Resolutions:

1. Write. Daily. No less than 500 words (for now). Or else. (OK, I can have Friday off)

2. Exercise for 30 minutes 5 times a week. Or else.

That’s it. These two resolutions are all I will make, and I will keep them or else face public humiliation.

Already, my schedule-making self is calculating how little time these two resolutions will take. A maximum of one hour. I ask you: what kind of a (insert self-derogatory word here) can’t keep such laid back, easy to keep resolutions?

My answer: I hope not me.



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5 responses to “Resolutions… or maybe not?

  1. That is absolutely great! I commend you on your efforts to outsmart yourself into change. You are actually doing a wise thing. I have a blog post soon about Starting Small and how that is the way to make lasting changes.

    I’m glad my challenge inspired you and I hope you will join us in the #writerlbsoff group chats! It will be great fun!

  2. nadiaelawady

    Love it, Maro! I will not comment on how difficult those resolutions actually are, though. Not a peep out of me! You can do it (she says and snickers discreetly)!

  3. Sameha

    Marwa, great and i luv the only 2 resolutions..they are very important and bgad worth u try it.
    I wish i can write everyday, I always wanted to make a blog but I never stick to it, maybe i will make it my resolution too 🙂
    Fo the walking…..i fully support this..imagine walking and listening to either an e-book or yr favorite music 🙂
    Keep up and hope to see you soon 🙂

    • Marwa Elnaggar

      Sameha, I’ll definitely write more often, if it’ll make me “see” you here more often ;)) I miss you tons!

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