Day 1 of resolution reckoning 2010

Yes, January 2010 is over, and it is the first day of resolution reckoning for me.

Now comes the part where I try to talk everyone into believing that although I did about a grand total of 30% of my resolutions, I’m still good. Really.

Ok, here are my excuses: tonsillitis, renovations, and a cold. In that order.

So what did I achieve?

1. No exercising whatsoever, unless you count all the hassle of renovations in the house.

2. A lot more writing than I used to do. That counts, doesn’t it?

Seriously, this month has been about getting myself back on track with my writing. I’ve been doing more writing, reacquainting myself with my work-in-progress, starting the research required, easing myself into the world of social networking, and getting to know a lot of other writers.

In other words, I’m happy with what I’ve done this month.

So for anyone who has been wondering about what happened to my resolutions, there you have it.

Technically speaking, I probably deserve an “F” or maybe “D-“.

Personally, I’m awarding myself an “A” (not quite an A+, but almost there).

Now, how are your resolutions coming along?



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4 responses to “Day 1 of resolution reckoning 2010

  1. Hi Marwa,

    Good for you – you’ve done so much. How often we focus on what we don’t do and minimize what we do accomplish. I made a resolution to have a ‘positive journal’ instead of a gratitude journal so I could record everything that I did well in my day before going to bed. I slept so much better those nights! Even though that journal fell by the wayside, I remember more often to reward myself instead of chastising. Oh yeh, remembering I’m human too helps!! This year, I’m up to day 32 of no sugar and I’m sticking to this, a day at a time.

    • Marwa Elnaggar

      Way to go Joyce! Yes, I’m so glad I was able to look at the positives. This in itself is a step in the right direction. Keep it up, one day at a time, and we’ll reach all our goals.

  2. Hey Marwa…have I told you lately that I just adore ur blog…I loved the new header font, but miss the Hershey’s kiss so much….so amazed that anyone would consider that poop?!!!! that’s chocolate disloyalty:))

    I read all of ur posts regularly, but it’s a growing habit of mine nowadays, that I read a lot… and write a little..rarely write actually and that doesn’t go with my 2010 resolutions at all.
    I did somethings i needed to do on the fun basis… on the very personal basis and on the career level…it’s zero..null!!
    It’s pissing me off…I thought I was giving myself a chance to heal and exhale, but it seems to me my problems are just bigger than that.. All I can do is to promise that I won’t give up on myself….see ya at the end of February:)))

    P.S. do you think it may help if I write something about my January resolutions regardless how naive they may sound?!

  3. Dalia Salaheldin

    Actually ya Marwa, I see that you do deserve the A. The scale should go according to the way you curve it. I personally know what moving on with your writing meant to you…. so that’s a real big accomplished.. and a needed one too.

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