Too many…

Painting palette

A solution to "too many"-syndrome?

I’ve noticed lately that my life is full of “too many”s right now, so I decided to post a list:

1. I have too many books piled up on my desk right now. Most of them are recent purchases from a book sale in which the fact that the books were on sale (more or less regardless of their final price) convinced me that it is OK to buy them. After all, if they weren’t on sale, I would be paying at least 20% extra. Never mind that the 80% that I did pay was technically out of my currently beleaguered budget. Never mind that I don’t have enough space to have all those books. Never mind.

2. Building on #1, I have too many books and journals I now want to read. All at the same time. Part of this is due to #1, and part of this is due to a project I’m finishing up this month that involves revisiting and translating a chapter of my MA thesis for publication in a trilingual academic journal (I’m only translating it from English to Arabic, though). Revisiting my thesis re-sparked my interest in the academic side of literature studies, which made me want to read every single piece of literature on earth. As well as everything that’s been written about every single piece.

3. I have too many things I want to write and do — all at the same time. As soon as I mentally check off an item on my to-do list (which usually stays in my head due to fear of concrete documentation of all tasks that call for attention), more seem to pop-up. This makes me dream too often about a very cool productivity tool I learned about in a fairy tale more than 25 years ago (and I’ve been dreaming about it for 25 years). The fairy tale is “The Shoemaker’s Elves”, in which the kindly shoemaker and his wife go to sleep at night, only to wake up and find that elves have happily finished all their work for them. I don’t know about you, but this nifty solution continues to feature high on my wish-list.

4. I have too many hopes hanging on the outcome of my young balcony-garden. That’s the thing with gardening, which is something I’m new to on a large scale (I’ve grown the odd plant or two or three in the past, but nothing on the scale of the project I’ve embarked on a few weeks ago). With gardening, you basically plant the seeds, try to take care of them and create as beneficial an environment for them to grow, and then wait… and wait… and wait… Of course, once any seedling comes up, the excitement makes up for all the waiting, but then you start worrying about all the other seeds who still haven’t germinated. Like so many other things, it’s too easy to take a seed’s lack of–or just late–germination as a sign of personal failure.

5. I have allowed too many days, weeks, and *yikes* months to pass without updating my blog. Enough said.

So, am I diligently working at solving  all these “too many”s currently in my life?

Well, I guess it all depends on what you think about the fact that I’m ignoring them all (except for this post) and have decided that the best possible course of action is to sign up for a painting course. Woohoo!

What do you do when you have “too-many”-syndrome?

[psssst… by the way, I’ve missed you all. Really.]



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6 responses to “Too many…

  1. As Salaamu Alaikum Dear:

    LOL – funny post – hits home 🙂

    I have cut way down on compulsion buying, but I do occasionally “relapse.” For example, I probably have too many digital cameras. Notice I don’t say that I DO have too many 🙂 Not ready to admit that because I can always justify why I have them.

    When the other little “too manys” get bad, I have a garage sale!

  2. Nice post! What do I do when I have too many syndrome (which I live with)? I question everything and fall into depression 😦 Glad to learn about more innovative ways of handling it from you 🙂

  3. Eaman Fahmy

    So nice to have you back! As for me, I have way too many things to do bouncing around in my head. I thank God for the organizer/calendar on my phone . . . I don’t know what I’d do without it!

  4. Marwa.. I missed you too and missed your writings:)
    Catching Post as usual.. and so that wrote about (too much Syndrome), you gotta write about the (Too little Syndrome) as well.

    To tell you the truth… my life is a mixture of both(Too manys) and (Too Littles) and that causes it to be unbalanced most of the time.
    Always in search for balance I cannot apply and get!
    I buy too many books (that I cannot find a place for storing them as well).. too many kitchen ware… spend too much on food delivery.. eat too much junk.. play too many online puzzles and games a day… buy too many bags on sale… and the list goes on!
    And as for the (Too Little)…. it’s really Too many too littles that I won’t give you a headache by stating them all!
    May be if we focus on how little (and sometimes rarely) we ignore things that need to be (Too many).. we can feel satisfaction and somehow achieve balance:)

    And may be (Too) is the word that needs to be erased after all!

    So if you know how can this be done.. if this can be, I’ll be waiting for you to write about it.

  5. I forgot to tell you that I was so much influenced by (The Shoemaker’s Elves) story as well.

    I used to dream of the elves coming to finish my Homework and assignments ever since I was a kid at school.

    It’s a shame what those stories have done to our minds till now… we’re so messed up:)))))

  6. Marwa Elnaggar

    Mariam, Safiyyah, Arwa, and Eaman,

    Thank you all for your comments. I’m sorry I didn’t get back to them earlier, but I haven’t been accessing the Internet very often since I posted that piece.

    @Safiyyah: My other problem is that I can’t bear to give up any of my books. Remember Golum in LOTR? That’s me with my… precioussss!

    @Mariam: I love your list of “Too”s. And I’m fascinated by the fact that we had the same daydreams inspired by the same fairy tale.

    @Eaman: I only wish there was an organizer for all my ideas (and books, of course).

    @Arwa: Well, there’s always Lebanon, yes?

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