The rights of the reader

I have long admired the illustrations of Quentin Blake. To me, Roald Dahl’s books just would not have been the same without them. So when I found out that he (Blake) had illustrated a poster by Daniel Pennac, with the delicious title of “The Rights of the Reader”, I couldn’t resist.

The rights of the reader (by Daniel Pennac, illustrated by Quentin Blake)

My favorite is #6 (The right to mistake a book for real life.)

And then I discovered that there was an entire book by Daniel Pennac, illustrated by Quentin Blake with the same name, first published in 1992.  Here’s the description of the book: “Drawing on his experiences as a child, a parent, and an inner-city teacher in Paris, the author reflects on the power of story and reminds us of our right to read anything, anywhere, anytime, so long as we are enjoying ourselves. In a new translation with a foreword and illustrations by Quentin Blake, here is a guide to reading unlike any other: fresh, sympathetic, and never didactic, it is a work of literature in its own right.”

My favorite right is #6, of which I am repeatedly and unashamedly guilty. And if I would add another right, it would be #11: the right to not be interrupted while reading.

Download a PDF of the poster here.

And, *ahem*, for anyone who would like to make this reader’s eyes light up with joy and forever win her love and gratitude, you can always buy (me) the book here.

Or, for a cheaper alternative, tell me which right of the reader is your favorite, and if you could add another right for readers, what would it be?



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10 responses to “The rights of the reader

  1. Maro ya gamila the illustrations about this book is VV, important, so plz we need a lot of your articles …… Go ahead my best friend

  2. Yosra

    So Cute ya Marwa! and well, since I have been skipping a lot of reading lately, my faves would be the first and second! The thing is, I love to read but for long periods of time I may not read. I feel guilty about this but I admit this fact and try to live with it.

    I like them all, though. The right to read anywhere is a right I practice especially on traffic jams and roads in general – not in the bathroom yet, LOL,

    But you. you must like #6, that does sound like you, you live with your books so you must mistake it for real life.

    Enjoy your travels with books, chocolate eater, and enjoy the choco, thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Marwa Elnaggar

      I know, don’t you just love the poster? Thanks for dropping by, Yosra, and good luck with your reading anywhere endeavors 😉

  3. Salaams 🙂

    I would add: “the right to skip ahead to the last page” lol

    • Marwa Elnaggar

      Salams sis,
      Heheheh – I always try to resist that urge. I have this gene that usually forces me to read from the beginning to the end. It’s only been two years that I decided not to torture myself with books I don’t enjoy. So far 3 books have been relegated to the “will never finish reading them” category.

  4. Marwa-love the poster! fun. my favorite is the right to read the book again. i save the really good books and do this alot when I haven’t anything handy to read. Linda

    • Marwa Elnaggar

      Yes Linda, It’s an awesome poster. I think every reader should have one on their wall somewhere. Glad you dropped by 🙂

  5. This poster is wonderful! I write a blog dedicated to youth literature, and I’m in the process of writing a post about Quentin Blake. Would it be okay with you if I include a link to this, so that my readers can read your post and download the poster? Thanks!

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