1. The Magic of Turquoise, written by Mai Khaled, translated by Marwa Elnaggar

    The Book I Translated. Refer to confession 5.

    I haven’t written a single blog post since December 2010.

  2. I haven’t written a single word in my work-in-progress since December 2010.
  3. I’m using the revolution that happened in Egypt in January 2011 as an excuse for not writing.
  4. I’ve considered using the hundreds/thousands of tweets I’ve tweeted during the revolution as my “See? I have been writing.”
  5. I did translate a novella, though. And it’s been published. And I’m proud of this achievement. So I’m officially a published literary translator as well as a writer.
  6. Sometimes I’m just too lazy and lack the self-discipline to write regularly.
  7. I regret writing that last confession because I’m ashamed of it.
  8. Sometimes I’m just too afraid of writing to write. What if what I write is garbage?
  9. I regret writing that last confession as well.
  10. I usually don’t wholly believe people who say good things about my writing. You guys are just being nice, right?
  11. I usually don’t wholly believe people who say bad things about my writing. You guys are just nitpicking, right? This is always true when you don’t tell me what’s wrong with the writing.
  12. I’ve started a morning pages routine about a dozen times or so. I’ve even converted other people to this ritual. Despite seeing and feeling a real difference in my writing when I stick to the routine, I still end up quitting after a few days or weeks. Is this deliberate self-sabotage? Should I get therapy? Am I a danger to society?
  13. Sometimes when I see a beautiful work of art, I get jealous, so I go paint or sketch. I feel the same when I read a good story, or even just a well-written sentence or phrase. Do successful writers and artists feel the same when they see or read someone else’s work? I want to know because I’m trying to diagnose myself (am I petty, or does everyone else feel the same way?).
  14. I’m writing this blog post while I’m at work. My job description does not include blog-post writing.
  15. I’m writing this while I’m at work because I’m pretty confident no one at the office reads my blog.
  16. I regret writing those last two confessions. I think they qualify as “stupid”.
  17. If you’ve read this far, let me tell you that I’ve missed your comments and would love to hear one or two of your own confessions (they don’t have to be embarrassing). Or you could berate me for not writing regularly. Or just send me a cookie.


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21 responses to “Confessions

  1. Great much needed refreshment! I share with you 3, 6, 8, and 12. You’re not alone 🙂

  2. Liked no. 14 & 15. No, they don’t qualify as stupid.

    • Marwa Elnaggar

      Haha! But then again, you’re neither my boss nor the HR manager, Subhakar 😀 Thanks for dropping by and commenting. And I just checked out your blog, it looks really impressive and chock-full of great articles.

  3. nadiaelawady

    Oh, Marwa, how I’ve missed your writing! I relate to every single one of those above points. And I confess to reading this blog post and writing this comment while at work, and I’m pretty sure my job description includes neither.

    • Marwa Elnaggar

      Heheheheh… thanks for sharing your own confession, Nadia. I’ve missed your writing, too, you know. And I’m quite sure I’m not the only one.

  4. Sara

    Loved it. Although my writing is not literary, I could identify with all your confessions.

    • Marwa Elnaggar

      But then again, I see much more of your writing than I do mine, Sara. So there’s hope for all of us. By the way, I think you should start a blog and put all your writings there.

  5. asdfsdfsdfdsfdsf

    its better to read instead of write

  6. Welcome back to the blogosphere, Marwa! So happy to see you back! I loved this post…so honest and true! And what matters is that at least you’re writing now! We’ve all been there…we are all there…I can relate to so many of your points but the one that gets me most is #13. I get so inspired by books I read, and usually start frantically writing after reading a good read but then I think wow, they almost wrote my book, I better hurry up before someone writes my idea down! And I get upset that I can’t produce what I know I can produce–and the production isn’t for me…it’s for the ummah, it’s for wrongs I see that need to be corrected. So you are not alone sis, we are all grappling with the why we are in the place we are in and how we can move forward to another place inshAllah…tabarakAllah, may Allah ease your load and give you the means and inspiration to do the writing we all know you can do. May He make you successful in this life and the next with the best of goals! Amin!

    • Marwa Elnaggar

      It’s good to be back! “I get upset that I can’t produce what I know I can produce” – wow. That is EXACTLY how I feel, and sometimes (many times) it’s crippling. Ameen to all your lovely du’aas. 🙂

  7. Suzana Saad

    Welcome back Marwa,it ‘s nice to read your work again:)Keep it up.
    Congratulations on the translation,the title sounds very interesting.So why did you specifically choose this novella to translate?

    • Marwa Elnaggar

      Suzana! It’s really nice to hear from you. I chose it because I liked the story. It’s about making the choice between following your heart/dreams and doing your duty as society sees it. I relate to that dilemma. I guess I chose it because it resonated with me. I also like the structure of the novella. There are two main narrators, and they go back and forth between three different time frames (the present, and then two different times in the past). Hope you get a chance to read it, I’d love to hear your feedback 🙂

  8. Marwa, you’re back!! I was just thrilled when I saw you had a new post. I have many, many of the same thoughts and worries. Being in hibernation is okay, too — there’s richness in letting ideas ferment — and when you’re ready, you won’t hold back. Congratulations on your translation! I love the title and cover image.

  9. YAAAAY ya Marwa… finally.. I did not get the notification when you tagged me on FB.. passed here by chance and lucky me.. here you are. Well, I think u might already know that we have 1,2,3 and 4 in common blogging-wise. And I definitely agree with no.13 very much as well. Welcome back… just write… good or bad.. worthy stuff or bullshit… I assure u I love both:))

  10. Question: I tried to find this book via Amazon with no luck. How can I get my hands on your translation?

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