Season of Deception

‘Tis the season of deception, and the demons settle,

For an evening of chit-chat and gossip

They chuckle grotesquely,

They wink and they giggle,

their small eyes lost beneath rolling folds of fat.

“What happens next?” A great question

for an illustrious gathering.

Their war-machine was performing

With unprecedented grace and perfection.

Tears of pride glisten on plump cheeks.

“They say we have killed thousands.”

Their slippery hands gesture and wave

In growing excitement.

Their tiny hearts flutter –

Victory is near.

“Yes, I have seen the bodies myself.”

One particularly fat demon proclaims,

Looking about him to register reaction.

They skip around him with childish glee,

Sniffing the air for the blood of the dead.

“I wish they would die during the day,”

A petulant demon says, wet lips pouting.

“At night time, all the darkness looks the same.

I can not tell child from woman from man.

Tell them to kill in the sunshine.”

“Night time is better statistically, strategically,”

Growled a war-weary general,

Impatient with the flightiness of youth.

“Besides, they will die anyways,

Night or day the blood smells the same.”

They chuckle and clap their hands.

War, O glorious war!

They sing and they dance, whirling round its ritual fires.

Their eyes gleam and twinkle at the destruction.

Their ears quiver at the sounds of the falling houses.

Their faces glow with the light of the fires

They laugh at the thought of their war.

So soon, too soon it will be over!

They must, oh they must brew, another

Make ready their falsehoods and practice their roles.

O beware, beware, we must prepare

Our classified documents, our secret evidence.

They hurry and shuffle about.

But what a wonderful millennium we’re living, they cry,

It’s started with a bang, let’s hope it ends with a shout!

‘Tis the season of deception, and the demons gather.

© Marwa Elnaggar 2003


One response to “Season of Deception

  1. Salam Marwa,

    This is a great piece of poem. You are very talented, Marwa. This poem was written in 2003, but it seems to be a timely publication given the current state of affairs in Egyptian politics. Either it is one of the universal recurring themes in which the adagium, ‘history repeats itself’ finds its place, or you were blessed with prophetic messages within your voice.

    Well done on this. Keep writing, and I am looking forward to reading more of your upcoming poetry. Thank you, many blessings and much love to you.. 🙂

    Subhan Zein
    #PS: I am an Indonesian born and bred. Which part of the country were you living in?

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