What Children?

There’s nothing to write

for those mutilated mercies

nothing to write

for eyes dried up

nothing to cry about, nothing to love.

The depleted uranium,

world super power,

world super army,

left nothing to cry about, nothing to love.

So proud of your sanctions,

you act the hangman,

tying the noose

tight, and tighter yet,

till there’s nothing to choke,

nothing to kill.

Nothing to feed

the children of Iraq

nothing to teach them

no words to explain

troop mobilizations,

international inspectors

the axis of evil.

What do you tell them

when the bombs start to fall

when the fires start to burn?

what do you say

when the bones start to break,

and the blood starts to flow?

Cover their eyes

maybe just maybe

they won’t notice

the ruins of their world

won’t notice the smell.

Cover their mouths

and shout them down,

maybe the noise of the planes

and the late night news

will drown them out

till there’s nothing to hear

no children to love, care about, or save.

©Marwa Elnaggar 2003


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